Live your best life with Lymphedema.

About Us

Chronically Motivated was born from the urgent need to provide the Lymphedema community with an online space, that would drastically evolve our current ways of thinking and living with LE.

For too long, people have suffered in silence and isolation; finding little support in their local communities or online; feeling alienated and hopeless for solutions. 

Today, we seek to put an end to this.


We will introduce you to ordinary people who are living extra-ordinary lives with Lymphedema.

No Limits
We will motivate you to live the life you want, without limits or defining yourself by Lymphedema.

Connect with others
We have created a platform that connects people all around the world who have Lymphedema.

Change Perceptions
We aim to improve the way our community and caregivers perceive life with Lymphedema.

Increase Awareness
We join the international effort to raise awareness of Lymphedema.

Giving Back
We promise to help vulnerable children with Lymphedema and improve their quality of life.

Chronically Motivated a way of existing. It is a way of thinking, feeling and acting. It is something we can all strive to be.

Lymphedema is very poorly understood and classically stereotyped with a bunch of negative aspects- restrictive, hopeless, broken and unfixable. These ideas are embedded in our caregivers, doctors, our friends and family who don’t understand- and even in the minds of those who live with this condition. People with Lymphedema end up feeling isolated, embarrassed and have low self esteems.
Some of us; however, don’t feel like this at all – despite how we have been conditioned to believe we should feel.
We believe that our language affects our thinking and how we view the world and other people. So here you will never see words like, ‘suffer,’ ‘helpless,’ ‘weak,’ ‘limited,’ or ‘impossible.’ A broken body does not mean a broken person. We all have something inside us that burns intensely, which far outweighs our conditions. It’s just a matter of connecting with this, changing our thought process and attitudes and becoming accepting of our Lymphedema.
Acceptance is not “giving up!” If we accept that something is true in this moment, it doesn’t mean we can’t work towards changing it in the future. It simply means we are seeing reality as it is. This is the first step we all must take towards become Chronically Motivated.


Chronically Motivated is an innovative, world-first lifestyle concept, designed exclusively for people living with Lymphedema. We are creating a holistic platform that gives people access to an extensive range of resources, including; sharing real life stories to motivate and inspire, providing information about the latest technologies and treatments for LE, guidance on topics such as Physiotherapy, Fitness and Nutrition- all carefully devised by specialists within the Lymphedema community

We want to connect the millions of people worldwide that live with this condition and provide them with equal access to holistic, up-to-date information to enable them to live better lives with Lymphedema.

The problems we seek to solve are complex and require the coordination and focus of many people – governments, communities and individuals around the world. We cannot succeed alone, but together we can work towards creating a world where we can all live better with LE.

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Contact Us

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