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Angela M

“Challenge yourself and know your limits. Don’t measure and compare yourself to others… I have lymphedema, it does not have me. This is how I live my life!” – Angela.

My name is Angela and I live in the beautiful state of Colorado! I am married to Aaron who has 3 amazing children (1 high school, 1 college and 1 working). I work as a Sales Representative for a major food company.

I have secondary lymphedema in my left leg. My lymphedema appeared in March 2016 nine years after being treated for cervical cancer. Simultaneously, I was diagnosed with May Thurner Syndrome which is an anatomical condition when the left iliac vein is compressed by the right iliac artery. I was very upset when my doctor told me “I think you may have lymphedema as well”. I thought how can this happen now, nine years after my cancer. I beat cancer and now this! I was trying to process two diagnosis: one could be treated with stent placement in my pelvis, the other was not curable.

The start of me being Chronically Motivated began as I immersed myself in researching lymphedema and quickly realized there was a need for awareness as well as positive and motivating information about this disease. I am a positive and resilient person by nature and most of the information I found on lymphedema was not presented in this way. I knew there had to be people out there who were thriving and living their lives to the fullest and managing this disease. It was at this point I created an Instagram account which opened up a whole new world! I was immediately welcomed and began learning from other IG’ers, our common bond was lymphedema.

I am Chronically Motivated today by living life to the fullest! I enjoy all things fitness! I have never stopped any of this. Even while going through CDT therapy, I worked out while fully wrapped. I work out lifting weights, cardio, rowing, yoga, hiking, etc. While I am very careful and mindful of my leg, I do not let it prevent me from doing the things I love! My goals for this year is to run a 5k this summer and I am exploring surgery options for my lymphedema. I really believe in this saying- I have lymphedema, it does not have me. This is how I live my life!

I want to inspire others to be Chronically Motivated by motivating them to live their lives to their fullest ability and not allow LE to be their barrier.

My advice to those who are struggling with lymphedema is to not be limited by it. Challenge yourself and know your limits. Don’t measure and compare yourself to others. We are our own best advocates; do not settle for any information given to you if you are not satisfied. Keep pushing for answers until satisfied. Keep a positive mind, the mind is a powerful tool.

My top 3 Lymphedema materials:
1.Compression Garment
2.Flexi Touch (pump)
3.Resistance Training

My best Lymphedema tips: I have found resistance training with weights and bands (squats, lunges, hip thrusts, sidesteps) to be really helpful. I can feel lymph fluid moving especially in ankle area.

Where you can find Angela:

Instagram: @funky_lymphedema

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