Live your best life with Lymphedema.

Bijal Bhavsar

“I always believe that ‘I am the princess of my own world,’ even if I have a left limb bigger than the right! Take it easy and live life with full on enthusiasm, energy and specially love your life copiously and believe in yourself. Cheers!” – Bijal.

My name is Bijal Bhavsar, I am 32 yrs old from Gujarat, India. I am a software engineer and work as a Project Lead in one of the renowned IT Company (an e-commerce based Web Solutions company). I am suffering from secondary lymphedema since many years.

I had an accident at the age of seven and suffered with infection on my left leg feet (ankle) then I had been operated to remove an infection. After that my foot was swollen and it increased gradually as years passed and right now I have whole leg swollen. My parents had consulted lots of doctors and no one had any idea about lymphedema at that time, thus no cared what happened to my swollen leg for years.

At the age of 14 I faced an infection again and that was horrible as the pain was too much and nothing diagnosed in any reports like blood tests, CT scans etc. After 16 painful days, one of my doctor suggested to do MRI and in that report it was clearly mention that my left femur was infected and urgently we need to do operation to remove infection but not osteotomy done. It took 1 year to recover properly by doing physiotherapy treatment and medication. Due to lack of exercise I was over weight and ultimately my left leg became bigger due to fat.

After one year again I got an infection at the same place and again same process. I had to use a walking frame to walk, then a cane, then spend 6-7 months recovering. Until then I had no idea I had lymphedema and that is was causing my problems.

I have joined the physiotherapy center at Kantilal Maninal Hospital (now it is Active Life Clinic) there I met my physiotherapy doctor Dr. Piyush Patankar who is aware of lymphedema and told me that I am suffering from lymphedema.

About 3-4 years following my diagnosis, I suddenly fell over one day because of imbalance in walking and fractured  my left knee and right foot too. Again, I spent a few months doing bed rest then physiotherapy treatment and I was able to walk.

I was suffered with cellulite twice in 2009 and 2016.

I started using Norma compression stocking on daily basis which is more comfortable. I elevate leg at night time which helps to reduce my swollen leg in the morning. I feel good in mornings as my left foot only slightly smaller than the right one.

I keep my left leg elevated at my work place which is very helpful.

During the last 3-4 years, I have had regular compression therapy treatment, MLD, and intensive bandaging (once in a year for 30 days in total) and that controls my fatty leg.

I googled a lot but don’t get proper information about lymphedema. Since a few months I am following #lymphosaurus_rex (Sarah Jouanny) over Instagram which has truly motivated to me and inspired me to go to the gym to improve my leg condition and at the same time my doctor also suggested me to join a Medical gym.

In the past its been very difficult to find shoes that fit. My left leg is also shorter due to the surgeries and infections I have had, so I always wore Puma flip-flops- which were very comfortable for me and also easy for the cobbler to add an extra sole onto the bottom for my left leg (to help balance the length of both legs).

After spending a few days searching, I found a puma shoe (trainer) in which I can add an extra sole between above shoe and sole just to maintain grip of both the shoes. (You can see this in my photos here).

I joined medical Gym one ago and the feeling is awesome. I can’t imagine that I’ll be feeling happier these days and feel lighter. Though I can’t do too much exercise because of cellulites occur in my lymphie leg in July 2016. Also I am unable to sit down on floor and can’t able to bend my leg more than 90 degrees. Still can manage to do below list of exercise till date:

  • Warm-up exercises like jumping etc.
  • Walk for 10 minutes in 3.5 speed
  • 2.5 lbs. dumbells
  • 2 set of squats with support.
  • Upper body exercise

I am chronically motivated in following ways:

  • Do the best you can do it. Improve your food habits, try to avoid eating junk foods like pizzas and burgers which causes increase of fat.
  • Eat healthy food like oats, fruits and vegetables.
  • Drink green tea to feel light.
  • Self-care is the best care. Live your life in best way and do what you feel good.
  • I faced lots of ups and downs in my health condition because of lymphedema and cellulites but I am always self-motivated because I always tell myself that current days gonna pass soon. So cheer up and Keep smiling, as smiling face keeps you’re surrounding happy and ultimately you feels very happy.
  • I am really blessed with the peoples in my life like family, friends, colleagues, doctors etc. all are very supportive.

List of things I can’t live without:

  1. My Norma stocking
  2. Elevate leg at night and also in a day time I keep my leg up even at my workplace.
  3. Now a days ( medical gym)

“If I can inspire any single person to live life happily even with any sort of disability. I’ll be grateful to share my story here. I am chronically motivated.”

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