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Emma Swope

“I have never allowed my condition to stop me from achieving my goals and going after my dreams. It has only pushed me to work harder.” – Emma Swope.

My name is Emma Swope. I currently live in Fredericksburg, Virginia, but was born in San Diego, California. I play competitive volleyball and plan to attend the University of Toledo in Ohio. There I will continue my volleyball career at the collegiate level.

I was diagnosed with Primary Lymphedema in my left leg from the knee down the spring of 2013, when I was fourteen. I was living in California at the time and, that summer, my family and I were moving across the country to Virginia. I had never heard of Lymphedema before and it was a confusing time and it made me feel very self conscious. I was fourteen and moving to a new school with new people and now I had this new condition. I felt like I always had to cover it up because I thought for the longest time it was ugly and that defined me. My family had always been very loving and supportive but I didn’t want anyone to know about it.

Around my junior year in high school, I surrounded myself with very positive friends and I became more confident and open about my condition. That’s when I truly became Chronically Motivated.

This upcoming fall, I am going to play division one volleyball at the University of Toledo and plan on majoring in a fundamental science to become a physical therapist. I genuinely enjoy educating people on my condition and the affect it has had on my life. I hope to continue doing that through my volleyball career and through my professional track as a physical therapist.

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I have never allowed my condition to stop me from achieving my goals and going after my dreams. It has only pushed me to work harder. I hope to inspire young people with lymphedema who are growing up with the condition. I want them to always feel confident and never see the compression garment or the condition as ugly like I did.

I keep my leg under control with my compression garments with toe caps and lots of exercise. I spend most days either in the weight room or on the volleyball courts, so training for college level sports keeps me in shape and always moving. I use the Flexitouch Lymphedema pump to keep swelling down and every night I wear the Solaris Tribute Lymphedema garment to keep compression on my leg even while I’m sleeping.

I think Lymphedema is a fairly unknown condition and much more awareness needs to be brought to light. It’s not life threatening but it affects millions of people all over the country. The more we know, the better we can all learn to thrive with this condition. I have learned to love and accept my condition and I have become chronically motivated to live to my best potential.


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